Wireless Solutions

Infinite Technologies can offer your business a customized wireless solution for your customers. Why let everyone around your business use your internet bandwidth for free and slow down your paying customer’s internet surfing experience when your customers are the ones spending money in your establishment. Let us install a hosted solution that allows you to print out vouchers which you can then give to your paying customers for free or feel free to charge for access and keep the profits yourself! We can also direct all your customers to a captive portal that will forward them to your web page to start off with so they can easily see specials or events you have coming up!

Voucher Access

Voucher access will drive interested users into your business to request an access code which will increase foot traffic into your business. The voucher can be be offered for free or for a fee. Resulting in additional revenue for your business.

Paid Access

Paid Access allows you to set up a fee schedule for various lengths of time. i.e. one day for $0.99, one week for $4.99 or whatever you choose.

Captive Portal

Captive portal services will redirect your customers to your web page prior to gaining access to the internet, thus increaseing traffic to your website and allowing customers the opportunity to learn more about your business.

Secure Access

Secure access systems are completely encrypted and are mainly used for private networks at your home or business.

Open Access

Open access systems allow end users complete unrestricted access to the internet.



*Some of our wireless solutions can be combined together to provide a custom solution. Please inquire via Contact Us for more details.